BURST also has within it the power of Automated Transactions. These can be used for many many purposes, and many more than have even been discovered thus far. Currently the test cases have been a decentralized automated lottery, a decentralized escrow transaction, decentralized trustless contract for payments, decentralized automated payment agreements, and decentralized automated Crowd Funding! The crowd funding alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, and they have never accomplished it in a decentralized way! BURST does this already! You can list your Crowd Fund, and within the BURST wallet anyone can see the active attempts and send funding to them with the click of a button. Simple, automated, and decentralized! Everything is carried out automatically, including the refunding of the investors if the crowd fund doesn’t get fully funded! Another possibility of the Automated Transaction setup within BURST, is a first in the world, direct cross-blockchain transfers with another coin! BURST has already done this with its cousin coin QORA, breaking yet another first for the world! This opens the doors for decentralized coin exchanges, and no longer having to trust a central authority with your precious coin investments!

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